History failed?

This weekend I updated to core 0.111.2 and I noticed today that my history is broken. The graphs are flat-lined or empty.

I’m using MariaDB addon as the database, it’s been fine up to this point. Restarting HomeAssistant seemed to fix it for a short time but then in a few hours (or less?) it failed the same way again.

Anyone seen this before?

It is a bug in 0.111.2. Either ‘upgrade’ to 0.111.1 or wait for 0.111.3

And note that your data is still there it just can’t be displayed properly.

In future it is wise to check through and follow the release topics in the blog catagory. Things like this get noticed pretty quickly and reported there.

I assume you are referring to

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Ok, how exactly does one “upgrade” to an old version?

Well that’s the issue I opened but I was referring to this release topic where I reported it and linked to the issue:

Every release gets a topic in the blog category for discussing issues and providing feedback (good as well as bad). It is wise to hit the tracking option at the bottom of the post so you can keep abreast of possible problems.

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Using ssh : ha core upgrade --version 0.111.1

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Good point… I usually just scan the added features and breaking changes sections, and figured the comments below were mostly either celebrations or users working out config errors. So I never really followed them to avoid the extra noise, but then I miss things like this. Thank goodness we have such an active/helpful community where my q was answered probably faster than I could have found it reading through the comments! :wink: :man_facepalming:

It would be good if known regressions were added to the release notes as they come up.
I check the Release notes, including the latest information like “Release 0.111.2 - June 13”, but didn’t see that history was broken until this thread.
Maybe add a recent regressions section?


Indeed…I had searched and didn’t find anything…so before posting I gave it a day to see if it would “fix itself”. Apparently the bug report went in between when I was searching and verifying it wasn’t just something mucked up on my own setup.

Hi All,

I’ve been searching on the forum but I could not find any solution. I’ve updated last week to the 2020.12.1 and I’ve lost my temperature graphs of my sensors.

Also I’ve just updated to 2020.12.2 and still is the same.

Any solution for this?

Many thanks.


Are there any database errors in your home assistant log?

Hi Tom,

many thanks. Yes there was an error on the database file home-assistant_v2.db. I’ve deleted and now this should work.

Many thanks.