History Graph as Image (for Telegram


I dont allow access to my HA instance from the outside, and so instead make heavy use of a polling only telegram bot. One of this things I would love to access is the recent history for devices as a graph. Im guessing that the way this might would would be to make an image and then send that. Is there any known way to do this? (Im on hass.io).


I’ve not done it myself but you may be able to use Grafana to generate bitmap graphs form the HA database

Hi! Did you find a solution? I am facing the same problem.

Im afraid not. I just switched to home assistant cloud and now I just look at the graphs…

i know this is an old thread, but i wondered if someone has come up with a solution for this in the meantime (without setting up grafana)

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Is there still no simple solution?

Maybe that is the solution )

so i wanted to have the same feature and was able to pull it off :slight_smile:

i made a post for it, here is the link:

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I’ve built on @raffler’s solution and started sending a power graph to my telegram.

See this thread: