History Graph Card - Hiding Entity Attributes

I’m trying to use the History Graph Card to show the history of temp in the house.

When using the climate.template entity for my ecobee thermostat I get what I need but I also get
a bunch of other stuff Target Temp high and low points etc…

Is there a way to hide these values from the chart?

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I’ll pile on here as I’m looking for an answer to this as well. In my case I’d like to permanently hide the “current temperature” because I use a separate sensor for that data.

Took three months? Took ya long enough… LOL

I’m in the same position; I don’t care about graphing any attribute of my climate sensors other than the actual temperature of the room. But the graph shows Target temperature as well as the actual ambient temperature. I can filter the whole climate entity out, but I just want to ignore one of the entitie’s attributes:

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i have the same question.

Hmmm been a year

you mean i should start a new topic?

I found a solution. Create a new entity with only current temperature as data.
explanation here:

in this example I added this to configuration.yaml:

# sensors
  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Living"
        unit_of_measurement: '°C'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('climate.tstat_309be2', 'current_temperature') }}"

If you now create a history card, use the new created template entity and you only see the current_temperature one you created:


Ah so basically making a Template Sensor into a “Filter” entity, and recording that one and not the real device. Good idea, should work. Yet another workaround trick for the list :stuck_out_tongue:


That works to extract one value, what I am going for is a bit different. I want to see the set point and the heating or cooling shading, but I want to hide the current temperature from the graph as I have a different temperature sensor I use for that value.


Tom… thanks… that works!

I wish I had more time…or could take more time to dig into the bowels of HA… I’m a person with WAY too much life… and too many projects…

Thanks again for sharing!