"history-graph" card is not combining sensors with same unit on the same graph


For a reason I don’t understand, sensor “avgpower30s” is defined with units “W”, but it does not display on the same graph as the other sensors with the same units “W”.

What am I missing ? Running Home Assistant 2022.2.7

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The top graph has no unit of measurement. Did you recently change the unit of sensor.avgpower30s to “W”?

If so the graph will eventually update (24 hours).

No I didn’t change any units on that graph. I deleted “home-assistant_v2.db” today because I changed another unit from C to °C and the mix of the two units did not combine into a single graph. I noticed that behavior right after deleting the DB.

But no change on this “W” graph. Should I expect to still wait 24hrs for it to fix itself ?

Interestingly enough, changing “hours to show” to something shorter like “4 hours” fixes the problem. I think one of the first sample, after deleting the DB, bears not unit.

Like you said, it should clear itself in 24 hours or so.

Confirmed, gone after 2hrs.