History Graph Card - refresh_interval not working


does anybody else have the problem that the graph only updates when doing a refresh of the browser window?
Even going to a different view tab and back does not update the graph for me.


It wouldn’t surprise me. There’s an issue that’s been open for some time where you can’t have two graphs in the same view with different time ranges.

It’s in need of a bit of attention.

I’ve stoped using them in favour of the mini-graph-card.

Thanks, @tom_l - I’ll look at it again.
Last time I tried it, it wasn’t possible to hide/show values for individual sensors by clicking in the legend like it can be done on the History Graph Card or in the overall history.
It also always showed the full hours_to_show: duration, even if the sensor was available for only a part of that time.

which issue do you mean? I have one history_graph in my default view and it doesn’t update on itself since a two or three HA releases.

“solved” it, by removing all vertical stacks (which doesn’t look pretty, either)