(History) graph in full page


I searched the forum with all kind of combinations of search phrases, and found some close answers but not one exactly describing my “features”.

I know I can put a graph in full page width by setting the page to panel mode.
But his puts one graph as a full-width “stripe” on the page. It does not use the full vertical resolution.
Secondly to this: If I put the page in panel mode, I can only put one graph on the page, leaving a whole lot of page unused.


  • is there any way to put a graph full-screen inside home-assistant?
  • Is there any way to put multiple graphs full width on a page? (as it is sometimes nice to show a longer period)
    (I know about influxdb in combination with grafana, but I prefer to do it “easy and internally” like quite some other domotica programs can do as well).

Thanks for your feedback.

You the custom-layout-card in panel mode, specify the height as 100%.

Use a vertical stack. With the above.

There’s a post somewhere on this forum about using the Lovelace-template-card to give your history graphs selectable time ranges. I’ll see if I can find it.

Edit: here,


I did not realise that the vertical stacked card is treated as one card, also in panel mode. That works much better (for me that is).
I did not find the right way to add the 100% (yet), but I will search further.
And I will look into the config-template-card. With some of my sensors I am also interested in 7 days and 30 days.

Thanks a lot so far.

Sorry for the late reply.
(the graphics card in my laptop died. After a lot of troubleshooting I ordered a new laptop. Now occasionally using my wife’s laptop)
I still can’t use the 100% height and I can’t find examples. There is so much info here which makes it hard to find it.
I did find and read a lot of other useful stuff :slight_smile: and already made a lot of changes like adding the custom-card-layout and the mini-card.

When my new laptop arrives, I will again dive into it. More or less on still-stand now.

You can definitely do it. I’ve set two cards to 50% height before so that they fill the screen.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to github for the next couple of weeks so I can’t find the option for you. You could ask here: