History graph is not displayed properly

Hi guys,

Another issue with my config.

My history graph is not showing up properly. HA is loading a bunch of Data and for a split second you can see the bars. Then they disappear.

If you touch the screen at any random position you see the what happened with the object.

Here two screenshots:

I see the single graphs if I go into the object directly.

Any ideas what I can do?

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Push as it seems drowned

what device/browser is this in?

It’s on Safari for several devices: iPad, iPhone, MacBook. Didn’t checked it with chrome yet

I checked it with chrome and the bars showed up. Seems a safari issue. Sadly the bars are not showing up in the app too.

odd, it’s working for me. What app version? Is safari up to date? I also vaguely remember seeing other posts about this

Version 1.5.1 of the app and yes every safari is up to date

I’m having the same issue on hass 101.3 and also the new 2.0 app. Anyone figure this out?

What I found out is that I need to extend the sidebar. Its showing the bars then but only on iPad.

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Hmm, maybe something to do with my compact custom header then… I was suspecting simply too much information in the graphs as I have a couple new ones that are very busy due to frequent disconnection issues. But it’s interestingly only the graphs with only one axis, all the ones with 2 axes work fine… And then today they all started working again fine… So I suspect something related to the content also.

I have the same issue. Has anyone found a solution for this?

Sadly I found Safari on both iOS and MacOS havin lots of problems with displaying the content. It is not handling resources properly and can easily be overloaded (do you see on Mac bar at the top of the screen with message stating that web page is causing problmes due to excessive resource usage and that restart can help?). I have some problems also with displaying new calendar selector (not showing at all until clisked somewhere) in history view (0.103+), being very slow while displaying States page (loooots of entities), page being randomly reloaded, especially when in Lovelace editing mode for complex cards… No such problems at all in Chrome.

Did someone ever solve this? I have the same issue on my iPad and iPhone in the browser as well as in the app, in Safari as well as in Chrome. Only on my Macbook it works

Resolved in 2022.7 via https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/pull/12824