History Graph is not displayed

I have multiple history graphs configured:

They should be displayed within their own tab:

For some reason only the graphs for the CO2 levels and the Ink are displayed. The other two graphs do not show up in the tab.

I wonder if this might happen if some of the sensors are not yet set during startup. E.g. the plant sensors are based on the Xiaomi Miflora sensors, which take a while to be set in my HASS setup.
However, I wonder why the temperature graph based on the netatmo sensors does not work, since I the CO2 levels for the same sensor works.

Any ideas?


I had the same problem. The solution is to use the snake_case version of the name attributes when defining the group. In your case this should work:


  • history_graph.room_room_temperatures
  • history_graph.room_co2
  • history_graph.plant_moisture
  • history_graph.epson_ink_level

You can double check the names from /dev-state page of your Home Assistant instance.

Thanks! That indeed was the issue. Strangely I was overlooking this all the time, even though I thought I checked the names in the /dev-state page.

@Tribune @Izan
Could you please help me to figure out, how to check the names?!
Thank you in advance

@alex-savin, just klick on “states” (looks like this: “< >”) on the lower left under developer tools, then search for “history_graph”. All your graphs should be listed there.

Thank you for you help!

I found my issue.
I expected that the entity id is being provided by me

name: Temps
- sensor.netatmo_indoor_temperature
- sensor.netatmo_outdoor_temperature
hours_to_show: 72
refresh: 300

But it generates a new entity id from the name

Anyway, Thank you for you help!

Thanks for this, I was wondering why my graphs are not in the UI, the website is not clear that you have to put them in a group, so I just left it in the configuration file.