History Graph not working after 0.66.x

Anyone else got problems with history graphs? Mine not working (along with a few other issues) after upgrading to 0.66.

    name: Pool vs Solar
      - sensor.solar_temperature
      - sensor.pool_temperature
    hours_to_show: 1
    refresh: 05


I didn’t know when it started for me. I don’t look at the history that often. But I just did the other day and I’ve got the same thing.

No other changes to the config that would have caused it that I know if either.

Thanks. Glad to know I’m not going nuts!

I am in the same boat!

Well…I’m not sure what is going on but I just checked it again and now everything seems to be working again.

I don’t think i did anything that would have caused what I’m seeing happening.


Yes, I was seeing that too but now it has died permanently.

Hi, i had the same. After deleting DB-File in the config-folder and start with a new one, everthing is working fine again.

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@outrun Thank you!!! All my problems have gone away. Legend.

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