History Graph on KNX Climate


I’ve just added the KNX Heating Controllers to my house and my HA setup. Everything is working beautifully but there’s one piece missing. The history graph does not have the green fill when the heating was actually running?

What is the fill based on? What addresses should be supplied to the configuration?

This is what my configs look like now. I don’t need mode changes - they are always on heat and turn to Idle when there isn’t a heating requirement.

- name: "Kitchen"
  temperature_address: "1/6/1"
  setpoint_shift_address: "1/5/5"
  setpoint_shift_state_address: "1/5/6"
  setpoint_shift_mode: "DPT9002"
  target_temperature_state_address: "1/5/7"
  active_state_address: "1/5/25"

Can you please post a screenshot of the green thing you are missing?
Where do you see it, and do you know the entities state when it’s added vs when it’s not?

Sure thing. This is the first time I’m using the KNX thermostats. In the past I used the Generic Thermostat integration (one temp sensor and one switch) which worked in this way. I assumed it’s supposed to work in a similar fashion with the KNX climate entries.

This is the KNX one

Aha. At my installation these are orange :upside_down_face:
Seems they don’t show when no change has happened in the shown timeframe - at least I can see it on some rooms, but not all. Not entirely sure what the difference is there, but at least I can confirm it works with knx in general.
I’ll have another look later.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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Is this going to get merged and released in a future version of HA? What is the fix for this now? Do I need to specify the **controller_status_address **?

It’s already merged. Will be included in next release 2021.12

If you don’t have one it’s not needed.

Thank you very much! Really appreciate the help