History_graph select graph type

On the history_graph card, can we have an option to select the type of graph (bar or line) that we want to see.

Sensors with numeric values and units of measurement will display as line graphs.

Sensors with string values or numeric values with no unit will display as the single bar history type.

Or do you mean swapping the line chart for a bar-graph?

This is what I am getting right now. The top one is temperature. The bottom card is relative humidity from the master bedroom and relative humidity from the garage. all readings are coming form two zooz 4 in 1 sensors. Values are numeric and have consistent units of measure. But as of last night this is what I get. It would be nice if we could take the decision making out of the cards hands (since apparently the card can’t do it consistently), and make the decision ourself. It would also be nice if the card converted strings to numbers if possible and the line chart was chosen.

I would like to have bar charts in addition to line charts