History Graph shows entities that have NOT been defined

Several history graphs have started to show extra entities that are not defined to show up.


Shown on the dashboard:

This occurs on multiple history graphs, it is always the same extra items (the five presence sensors) that show up.

When I deleted the whole history graph and define from scratch these extra entities show up again.

Not sure what to try next.

Some people reported similar issues.
I suggest you to register an issue on GitHub.

I myself observed a similar problem in my setup, that was a bit different issue.

Thank you for that link.

This forum is fantastic. I have struggled with this issue for weeks, 10 minutes after I posted, probably before anybody had even seen my post, the problem disappeared.

I had just updated the HA core to 2023.4.0 and the button card if I recall correctly. No idea if that is related to the magical fix.

You restarted HA - it probably helped.
And this is NOT a fix.
The issue is still there since some people faced it.
Suggest you to register an issue.

I had restarted HA dozens of times before without an effect. There must have been something more. Thus far the issue has not returned. Fingers crossed.

Seems you have not registered an issue… Wait & hope then.