History Graph shows old MQTT device names (not new friendly name)

I’ve updated friendly names of devices auto discovered from MQTT (Zigbee2MQTT with Eclipse-Mosquitto) so now my History graph is showing the old device friendly name. I can’t seem to figure out how to remove it from history. I’ve set my recorder database (maria db) to purge 1 days worth of events so those have no history. I did a grep search through storage and the only file containing the device name was “core.restore_state”. Odd thing is some of the devices showing in the history graph appear nowhere in the configs.

How do I remove these old friendly names from history?

Go to Configuration / Entities and delete them.

They did not exist in entites as their name was changed by Zigbee2MQTT. Same issue with PIhole. I added it, and have since deleted it. Yet, all the entites still show up with empty history despite not being in the entity list.

They will be purged from the recorder database after your purge_keep_days has elapsed.

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Thanks, I will keep an eye on it in the next week.