History overcrowded

My history shows many entities that I’ve removed and I just purged the recorder.
I think that I shouldn’t hunt for every entity that I never had intention to have.

Can you post your relevant configuration settings and perhaps a screeshot?

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Actually I installed HA 0.96.1 on ArchLinuxArm

My daughter is listed three times, the three automation scripts are currently removed.
I don’t know whether that is not configurable,

I just found that there’s a history-card and selecting the entities to list in that one, but then what is used that additional page ?

share your history and recorder configurations in configuration.yaml.

I was writing a history list of items to exclude, but I removed. Then I found the way to purge the recorder, as far as it got growing for 18 Mb.

I purged this morning an repacked the recorder.
Something has disappeared, but I still wonder what are those items that I don’t have anymore.

If you purge, the entry still exists but now it’s not filling it. If you delete the database and start fresh the entry won’t exist.

I deleted it yesterday, that’s why I found reduce entities.
So for every modification, it seems that the best effort will take to erase the db :frowning:

Only modifications to the history where you remove items.