History question

I moved my Home Assistant to an Intel Nuc from Docker on an Ubuntu system to HaasOS.
(Thank you Silvrr, Marc and others).

One of my sensors is a freezer temperature probe. The value shows in its badge and in its Lovelace card, but it isn’t finding the history.

Here’s the card:

    # Freezer temperature
      - type: sensor
        entity: sensor.freezer
        name: Freezer Temperature
        graph: line
        detail: 1
        hours_to_show: 24

I have been getting the rotating blue circle for about an hour, but no history. Did I miss something in the move?


Does it have a state history? Are there errors in the logs? Have you CTRL+F5 the page?

Thanks for the reply.
For state history, do you mean from the Logbook tab? None of my entities have any history. (Bad database from the move?).
For the error logs, from Supervisor, no it’s all green.
CTRL+f5, yes I cleared the cache.

Interestingly, one of the other sensors’ cards is showing history.

This had been working for several months on the Ubuntu system.
Since the freezer data updates once a second, is it possible that an update happened during the snapshot?

The history the other sensor card is showing is bad data. I have another vector to see that data, and it doesn’t look right on Home Assistant.

So, no sensor is showing data history. Bad DB?

UPDATE: Deleting home-assistant_v2.db fixed it.