History Range Increase/ Sample

I would like to be able to go further back in time to view patterns of temperature, electricity usage, heating etc.

Similar to current option, you could exclude some from being included.

the further back you go the lower the resolution.

Last month would show Min, Average, and Max by Hour
Last Year would show Min, Average, and Max by Day

This would be along the same lines as Demoticz.

I have had a search and the only option I can see would be maintaining a separate DB. It would be nice if this was default functionality.

Not everything has to be included in the core. I set up influxdb and Grafana last week. These addons are easy to seamlessly integrate into home assisatnt and perform better than any custom solution would. See Frenk’s video here:

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I am currently setting this up as I found this on a post.

It is taking me a while to figure out how it is used and all the options.

I have it working and now I am going to need to go through and set up each sensor. its going to take a while.

I have not found it yet but the video you linked does not cover reducing data saved. similar to what I have requested.

I then need to see if there is a way to integrate into lovelace. Not searched that yet so I am sure someone has done this.

As mentioned, coming from Demoticz I can tell you I used the history feature a lot. It was usefull for seeing patterns in heating and temperatures.

I haven’t set any continuous queries up yet (I calculate that I have two years to do so):


Thanks for the link as it will get me started.

I can tell just by quickly looking this is going to take me a long time to get my head around.

The way InfluxDB is compressing its data I now doubt I will have to use continuous queries. I’m only including entities I’m interested in though. Not the whole home assistant list of entities.

Hi, just adding my vote here, would really like to see this implemented. Been a Domoticz user for around 5 years and have now started to look into Home Assistant since I was curious and I must say I really like it!

The only thing I am missing so far is the longer periods of historical temperature / humidity data, being able to look back a year or two is a nice feature, maybe not a deal breaker but indeed a nice feature.