History: shortcut for last 6 months

I have a recorder ‘size’ of about 180 days, to keep track of states for sensor battery life, etc.
As such, I occasionally want to get an quick overview of any given sensor history. The ‘history’ page is of course great for this kind of view, but it is quite cumbersome to always have to flip back multiple months, manually, then forward again, manually, in order to get a history view that covers multiple months at once.

It would be real neat if we could have an extra shortcut button here, for the duration selection, where we could directly pick 6 months for example.
Alternatively, this could be solved with a button shifting the start date of the history view a full month back in time. Then, it would just be a matter of pressing this button some 6 times if I were intending to observe the past 6 months for example.