History Stats attribute Value

With the latest version Home Assistant Core 2022.5.0, Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.0, Home Assistant OS 7.6. Do not compare, the ‘value’ attribute is no longer present. It was very convenient to see the time in the correct format.

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I also noticed that in the history_stat integrations there are no longer the value and last_change attributes, very useful for temporal calculations and statistics, I hope they will be reinserted

They aren’t. The attributes of history stats sensors was found to be causing huge churn in databases.

I thought the values were redundant though? There’s 3 different types of history stats sensors and I thought the problem was each history stats sensor had its state set to the selected type and attributes set to the values of the unselected types. So to fix this you just had to make additional history stats sensors, one with each type you need.

Maybe I’m misremembering though. Have you tried adding more history stats sensors of the other types to see if that gives you all the info you need?

Maybe off topic, but I think it’s a good alternative.