History stats home status

Hi to all,
i’ve create a sensor to check how long i stay at home.

Unfortunately this sensor show me unknown status, why?

What’s wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help.


It measures time between not_home and home state transitions.

Has your tracker changed state yet?

No, today only stayed home.
Does this sensor check how long tracker entity stays in “home” status?

I would control how much time i stay at home today or in other period (f.e. week-end or anything else).

Is it possible?

Go away from home. When you return it will start measuring.

Nothing happens :frowning:

Today i’ve spent all time outside of my home, now i’ve come back home but sensor is always unknown.

What does the history of your device tracker look like?

Hi Tom,
thanks for reply.

Should i put it on recorder?
Where can i show its history?

Put the tracker in an entity card in Lovelace then click on it.


No history data :frowning:
I think the problem is there.

That would be why the history stats sensor is not working then.

Have you excluded it from the recorder?

No, but i didn’t put it in recorder.
Should i do?

Unless you have excluded the tracker, or the tracker domain it should be included by default.

Do you actually have recorder: or default_config: in your configuration.yaml file?


Include the tracker domain. By using includes you have excluded everything else.

Ok, i’ll do it.
I’ll try it tomorrow!

Thanks for your kind support!