History stats uses Phone-Time not Local Time


I hope there is no topic like that, I could not find anything.

I am on Vacation in Thailand at the moment and when I use my Home Assistant (located in Germany) and look at a History stats Graph, it uses the time of my Phone for showing the data.

Example: at 06:00 my Apartment hat 17°C and at 15:00 it had 20°C. But the History stats shows: 17°C at 12:00 and 20°C at 21:00.

Between Thailand an Germany there is a 6 Hour Time difference.

Anybody got an idea how to fix that?

Thank you in advance.

See here. This has been raised as a feature request to optionally show server-local time rather than client-local time.

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Thanks, did not find this myself.

The chrome workaround will do the trick for now.

Haha, I drafted this whole diatribe about client-local vs server-local response to you, but decided I wasn’t adding value, so cancelled it. Then the next message in the queue referenced the feature request I posted, and wnet back and just referenced it. So no surprise you didn’t find a message posted about 4 seconds earlier. Suffice to say that HA is showing what it ought to show, but that not be what you want it to show.