History stops every day at 0416hrs / 0416am

USing HAOS Home Assistant 2023.4.5, history stops updating each day at 0416hrs.

this also messes with energy dashboard.

Every night at 0412 hours the database purge takes place.

It appears that the purge takes a long time therefore conflicting with the recorder in HA.

How large is your database? Do you run the standard database or some other one? On what hardware do you run HA?

How do I check the database size?
I do run, maria DB and influx DB.

I am using RPi4 2GB.

I’d figured that you run Maria DB.

First of all…please tell me you run on an external SSD, not on the SD card.

If so…go get yourself an external SSD this instant and migratie using the function in HAOS. You are killing your SD card rapidly!!!

Then, if you don’t have made any changes in your configuration.yaml regarding the amount of data you are storing in the Maria DB go change that. Please read the documentation on the HA website regarding the recorder.

I am using external 256Gb SSD.
I don’t exactly remember why I started using maria DB, will try to avoid it.

Good, so no issues with the SD card!

You can keep using MariaDB. I myself am also using it.

But you have to configure it correctly.

What is the size of your database?

how to measure the size of the database?

Use the phpMyAdmin addon to logon to your MariaDB.

There you can open your database and lookup the amount of rows and the DB size.

Please post that info here and then I can perhaps give you some advice to increase performance.

and for the default database?


8.4GB database. but how can I keep this data, bcz I do want data for atleast 2 years, I do have a large 256GB SSD running HAOS.