History tab - multiple devices

At the moment you have the option in the history menu to select ALL entities or just one.
A multi-select would be awesome. That way it would be very easy to only show my smart outlets or only the stuff from my home office or kitchen,…

The current workaround I know of is the History graph card

type: history-graph
  - entity: sun.sun
  - entity: weather.smhi_home
hours_to_show: 24
refresh_interval: 0

But I agree that it would be nice with a multi select in the history tab

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Yes or even the ability to create trend groups.

Most prof. building management systems support the creation of trend / history groups.

Is there any way to configure each trend in the history tab so the user can select what gets trended with what? Having the cell phone battery temp trend with the house temp seems a bit of an odd pairing.