History tab not working after 80.2 update

The history tab has stopped operating after updating to 80.2 . I now get a blank screen with the words “Loading state history…”, nothing else.

I have tried deleting the browser cash. I have deleted the .db file and restarted Hass.io. i have tried Chrome, chromium and Firefox to now avail. I have used computers running Win10 and some running various Linux distributions. I have tried restoring snapshots. Always the same result.

Otherwise, Hassio seems to be running fine. Anyone have an idea?

Someone said in another post that this issue and where home assistant won’t show the states history will be fixed in 80.3

It is fixed in 0.80.3

After restarting my browser I can see entity history but the history tab only loaded first time and won’t load again. Using 0.80.3

Problem solved in 80.3.

Done a restart?

Yeah, it is working but not as fast as it used to be, particularly with graphs. Maybe I added more stuff.

I am running into this same issue. If I reload the home assistant web interface, the history comes up, but only for today. Changing the date or time interval does not update the page. On the overview page, the state history shows up just fine.

I have tried restarting and it didn’t help. I am running 80.3

Where should I look next to find out what is going on?

0.80.3 here, history graphs no more working.
Hangs on “Loading state history…”.

Same here. After clearing the browser’s cache and restartting the browser it exactly works once.

Looks like this issue may be fixed with this commit:

I just restored a snapshot and am having this issue - the History tab doesn’t work, just sits there “Loading state history…”. Any recommendation?

Running 0.92.1