Hive and 2FA

Hi, I just got an email from HIVE to enable my 2FA which I though I had… anyway… does anyone know if it will break the HA integration?

Couldn’t find any info, apologies if was asked before.


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Yep I had the same problem. I had to disable 2FA in order to keep HA working.

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Interesting… I have some different experience. I enabled 2FA but I had already a working integration so I tested it and it still works. I have also restarted the server since then so it must be some token that it has which keeps the session logged in? I suspect if I remove the integration and set it up again it won’t work but I won’t be trying that. May be a workaround, if setting it up for the first time with 2FA enabled is to disable 2FA, configure the integration and re-enable 2FA.