Hive door sensor DWS003 and zigbee2mqtt

Hi All,

Having a bit of fun trying to pair two hive door sensors. I am running hassio on a raspberrypi4 and using the mosquito mqtt broker and zigbee2mqtt integrations. I have set up a C2531 sniffer and connected it to the usb of the raspberrypi.
I can see that the zigbee2mqtt is connecting to my mqtt broker.
When i try to pair the sensors i always get stuck at “Failed to interview , device has not successfully been paired”.
This happens for both sensors but they do both show in zigbee2mqtt front end. One sensor actually seems to work ok but the other no matter what i try will only ever expose the battery level and temperature of the sensor and not useful things like contact etc.
I have flashed the sniffer once already and rebooted the hassio host a number of times and tried to pair the sensors a number of times with no changes.
Help me please.

Many thanks

Ok just as an FYI. Upgrading to a later firmware version seems to have resolved this issue. It took me a while to find the newer firmware version and even though the interview still fails the sensor seems to work as expected

Hey! Firmware on the sniffer I assume you mean?

im having this problem, using both a conbee stick (ZHA) and a slzb-06 (z2m). My old door sensor paired instantly. I liked how reliable it was so bought 3 more during prime day, they pair to the hive hub instantly (used as a test) but wont pair via ZHA or z2m to home assistant.

Just get stuck at the interviewing process.

@aaron_ridgewell what firmware did you upgrade to fix it?