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Looked for options to only display “Upstairs current temperature” attribute but “Upstairs target temperature” is also being displayed. Is there code to only display one attribute on a History Graph card?

Code is as follows

type: history-graph
  - entity: climate.upstairs
title: Upstairs Temperature
hours_to_show: 24

I think this is because you are using the entity climate.upstairs

Can you go to Dev toolsstates, type in climate.upstairs and show what is displayed?
…I’m looking for an attribute that may be called something like current temperature.

We can then create a new sensor entity that shows this attribute. It will look something like:

  - sensor:
      - name: "Hive upstairs current temp"
        unique_id: hive_upstairs_current_temp
        device_class: temperature
        unit_of_measurement: °C
        state: "{{ state_attr('climate.upstairs','current_temperature') }}"
        state_class: measurement

you would then put this entity into your history-graph:

type: history-graph
  - entity: sensor. hive_upstairs_current_temp
title: Upstairs Temperature
hours_to_show: 24

Thanks Jchh,

Spot on and I have learnt something new :+1:

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If you use the Hive custom component, those attributes have been exposed as sensors