Hive Heating - Hot Water Status?

Hi All

Does anyone know if it is possible to get the status of the hot water from Hive heating? I can’t see an attribute for it when looking through in the Dev Tools.

I created a small script to boost the hot water and linked it to a button but I noticed that once the script executes the status of the button returns to off. This is the same for the Heating boost as well. I was able to create a workaround for the heating as there is a status attribute which I use to change the icon colour and show the status while the heating is on but I can’t find a way to do the same for the hot water?

Wondered how other people are showing the status of their heating and hot water when calling the boost functions?

I use this custom component and it has hotwater sensors (as well as many others not in the built in integration):

Thanks for this, I already had Hive integrated but when I installed this it just seemed to add more sensors to my already existing details so that is brilliant thank you…

Do you or anyone else know how I might be able to monitor my hot water temp? We often seem to run low on hot water so I thought if I could track it I could then initiate a hot water boost in hive so we don’t ever get low.

If you’re in the UK you can replace the thermostat with a T-Smart from Tesla. There’s a custom component for it too. I’ve had it running for months now. It allows control of the immersion and temperature monitoring

OK it looks great but I am not sure if I could use it. I have a pressurised system with a megaflow in the loft so I don’t know if that is possible to swap out.

I saw on here a while ago someone had jubilee clipped some temp sensors onto the copper pipes connected to an esp running Esphome, maybe that’s an option ?

Thanks I think others are thinking the same as you so I think you might be on the right lines… I just found this article with a guy with exactly the same concerns and setup as me. No direct answer but might be worth putting here for others in case other people are interested…

Thanks for the response.