Hive Heating Landlord Control to return to Schedule

I was using IFTTT with Hive Heating to force it to revert back to schedule every hour. My question is how can I achieve this with Home Assistant? Hive no longer supports IFTTT so I need to find a way to do this in Home Assistant I would apricate some help with this.

Hive Landlord Control to return to Schedule at 0 minutes past the hour. If your tenants change the temperature up and down it will return to your schedule. Alternatively, a friendlier way to give your tenants the benefit of the doubt is set up 2 for every 30 minutes or 1 for every hour.

You could set the climate entity to Auto every hour. I’ve just checked this and Auto is Schedule in the Hive app and Heat is Manual in the Hive app


This is completely doable, but what is your current HA understanding (are you running it, how are you with adding integrations and creating automations etc?

…asking so we can answer at the right level (neither patronising, nor confusing).

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I have reasonable good knowledge of home assistant able do most basic things and some basic automation.

Now this is very interesting I will have to look into his further, would I do this in automation?

Yes do it in an automation. If you get stuck let us know

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