Hive OS data integration (Hive linux-based GPU mining OS, not HiveHome)

Hey everyone,

Has anyone here managed to read the data provided by HiveOS crypto mining platform?

They provide this API which seems very well documented.

It would be really useful to integrate GPU data, hashrates and temperatures into HA, and use it to control the heating or get instant notifications when something goes wrong.

Has anyone managed something similar?
Or would it be possible to point me to some docs on how to do it myself?

Apologies if there is some integration available already but, all my searches give me results regarding hivehome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I managed to integrate all data, HiveOS, Ethermine pool statistics, live Crypto prices and historical data from my DB into my dashboard. Write-up to come soon.


So, with some help from the hiveOS forum I managed to get the log outputs send to HA’s mqtt broker.

Credits to this hiveOS forum post and this github code.

If anyone is interested let me know, ill post a how-to.


Hello Krash,

I was looking for something like this. Do you mind sharing how-to achieve this?



Sure, ill do a write-up.
It’s kinda messy though :slight_smile:

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Here’s a first draft, it’s kinda long so it will need some more work :slight_smile:


Wow, looks great! Thank you for spending time on this.

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