Hive plug disconnecting from deconz

I’ve been running HA with deconz and a Conbee II stick for a while now, with a mix of different zigbee devices (Ikea, Hive and a few others) and up to now it’s been fairly rock solid.

Just updated to 2022.3.3, and now the Hive Plug keeps falling off my network. If I reboot the HA Pi (a Pi4 running Home Assistant OS) it connects again, but after a few minutes it falls off the network.

I can’t see anything in the logs, and if i go into the deconz integration I can see that it’s no longer linked into the mesh.

Couldn’t see any breaking changes for deconz or the plugs in the release notes - did i miss something or is anyone else seeing anything like this?

Can anyone suggest how to go about troubleshooting the problem?

Edited to add - through the Phoscon app under deconz I can turn the switch on and off, but in the deconz mesh map it’s still not showing as linked? So the hardware connection between the Conbee and the plug is working fine, but looks like some issue with deconz since the update?

Running the latest version of deconz (6.12.0) and restarting it doesn’t help.

I have the exact same problem as well, the plugs are all working as the should as in switching on and off but the repeater side of them is no longer working, gave me a massive headache with some of my sensors not functioning right.
The mesh is no longer working and everything is just connecting to the dongle directly now.
Still having issues with some sensors that seem to want to connect to one on the repeaters instead.

Did you ever get a fix for the mesh no longer working?
Or like me just use it as a switch and not worry about the mesh.

Nope, Ikea ones were cheap so I just replaced it with one of the Tradfri plugs and not had any issues with that since.

The Hive plug has joined its original controller at the bottom of a drawer. Both came as a freebie bundle, and turned out to be worth every penny :wink: Certainly put me off actually spending anything on a Hive product in the future…