Hive SLR1C receiver via ZHA

I’m fairly new to home assistant. Have some bulbs, open/close sensors, temp sensors all connected via ZHA. I now started with some TRV’s and I want to change my current WR1 receiver connected with a British Gas combi boiler with the Hive SLR1C. I bought one from eBay but it has no manual (if such a thing exists). I searched online but can’t find one.

The receiver is connected with HA and I can see it with 2 thermostat controls and 2 HVAC action sensors. I think only 1 is active and the other one might be for the dual channel.

I have it on a test setup and I’ve connected a light bulb to the receiver and when I press the Central Heating button on the receiver the bulb comes on and this shows that test setup is working.

Within HA I can see that when I press that CH button the Control Thermostat switches from Idle to Heating and within Sensors the HVAC action switches from idle to heating.

When I go into the develop tools states and make “the same” changes I can see the control and sensors change like above but the bulb is not switched on. At the same time after about 1 minute both revert back to the idle position.

Online I found a discussion about the 1 minute via this link Hive Heating via Zigbee2MQTT, many features do not work - #3 by Vitani but that is for mqtt and I’m using ZHA. They are talking about 2 variables needed to be set, the temperature_setpoint_hold :“1” and “occupied_heating_setpoint”:“21.5”. The first variable is not visible within the develop tool the second is.

Right now I do not know how to get my receiver to work within my Home Assistant ZHA configuration. Any kind of input around this is welcome and very much appreciated.

Zigbee devices that do not only use standard configuration and parameters (default ZCL clusters and attributes) but instead also implement custom manufacturer clusters and attributes (also known as “quirks”) will need a custom handler/converter/parser/translator as Python script code in the upstream “ZHA Device Handlers” library repository to extend custom manufacturer device “quirk” support for specific non-standard ZCL clusters and attributes (which Zigbee gateway implementations that depends on zigpy and the ZHA Device Handlers library, like Home Assistant s ZHA integration, then can make use of).

If you can not code that Python script code yourself to write the needed custom handler/converter/parser/translator for adding that specific device to the “ZHA Device Handlers” repository/library then suggest submitting a “device support request” (with device signature and diagnostic information) as new issues →

Without a “device support request” as a new issue posted to the “ZHA Device Handlers” repository/library requesting support for an unsupported device or device feature with Device signature and Diagnostic information the ZHA integration developers will not even know about the device unless they by random chance happened to have bought it themselves.

The reason is why non-standard devices need a custom handler/converter/translator is explained in ZHA integration documentation here →

Zigbee devices that use clusters and attributes that are standard in the official ZCL (Zigbee Cluster Library) do not need custom handlers/converters/translators as explained in the ZHA integration documentation here →

PS: Off-topic but FYI, this also works kind of similarly for Zigbee2MQTT which also requires a custom handlers/converters/parsers/translators for specific devices →