Hive Thermostat for Automation Trigger

Hi All

I have a Hive Thermostat which currently work fine for climate control.
I can view the history of the thermostat’s behaviour to include measured temp, target temp and “Heating (Yes/No)”.


What I would like to be able to do is trigger an automation when the thermostat starts heating, i.e. when Target Temp > Measured Temp.
But these attributes aren’t available as a trigger in the Automation setup:

In the above “Heat on Demand” is a boost feature on the thermostat module itself, and doesn’t relate to the scheduled target temperature changes.

Is this a limitation of the Hive system, or is there a way to access these attributes?

I’ve also looked at a Helper to do this, but Measured and Target temperatures aren’t available there either.


There is an attribute in the climate entity, hvac_action that is heating when the thermostat is on (heating)

EDIT: Sorry I dont use the GUI that’s in yaml, in the GUI, select the attribute Current action

Thanks!! Will give this a go!
Appreciate the fast reply!