Hive TRV boost mode via api request

Im trying to set the hive TRV boost mode to “ON” via an api request. I can do this, the icon turns to an eye, then a few seconds later it returns to “OFF” and the icon returns to normal.

the entity ID is


Im not sure if I cant change this entity or if the hive service is returning it back to “OFF”. The logbook in HA just shows the event it turned on then back off.

I want to use the boost mode because I want the valve to be fully open and the boost setpoint is by default excessively high. Id prefer this over setting the schedule on and back off otherwise Id need to get all the setpoints and check when it returns to normal then return the correct setpoint. This doesnt sound like fun. Boost on and off is much easier but Im struggling to find any information amount integrating with Hive TRVs.


edit, I worked it out, it required a time to also be set for the boost period.