Hive TRV not Pairing, ZHA, Deconz

Hi All,

I have some Hive TRV’s which I want to connect directly to HA and skip out the Hive Hub. I’m using ZHA with a Conbee stick running Deconz. I’ve had no issues getting other hardware to pair (hue lights, hive motion sensors etc) but I cannot get the TRV’s to pair.

I put them into pairing mode next to the Conbee stick and it never discovers them. Am I overlooking something? Any advice greatly appreciated.


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I just went through the same struggle and finally got it working!
If you follow these instructions (Danfoss 014G2461 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT) for the Danfoss Ally TRVs (which are the same as the Hive TRVs) to factory reset them and then put them in pairing mode, they appear in ZHA without any problems.