Hive TRV not working as expected ... but is now?!


I have a Hive TRV connected (without a Hive hub). When setting the target temperature it wasn’t changing the hvac action e.g. when the target temperature was less than current temperature it was still set to “heating”

I’ve been investigating this for an hour or so and literally as I was typing this query it seemed to start working :slight_smile:

Appreciate it won’t be instant but I did leave it over 30 minutes when testing and it didn’t change as expected.

My only thought is I’ve only just installed it and started putting “heat” through it - could it have been in it’s calibration mode? Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Many thanks,


Did you ever fix this? I had my Hive TRV’s connected via Zigbee2mqtt, would sometimes update the temp, bust mostly they wouldn’t update. I could see the set command been sent via mqtt explorer but it just wasn’t setting 100% of the time on the TRV…