Hive TRV usage with HA

I plan to use HA with the Hive integration to control my Hive TRVs. The TRVs are currently on a schedule defined in the Hive app. If I want HA to take control over every aspect, what do I need to set the schedule in the app to?

I was thinking the best way to do it would be to have a 24/7 temperature set to the minimum house temp. That way the HA schedule would pick up from there. Yes/ no/ better way to do it?


In the Hive app, set the TRV to manual, then control with HA as needed

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I’m attempting to do this (complete beginner).
What did you decide to do?

In the end (in my case) it made little difference. I currently use HA to schedule the Hive TRVs and I find HA easier to set up schedules with. However, once the schedules are set they rarely, if ever, change so I may as well have just stuck with the schedules I’d already set up in the Hive app! If you’re starting up then I’d use HA for scheduling otherwise stick with your Hive schedules