Hive - wont login

Ive been using the hive system in HA for a very long time and had minimal issues, but today i’ve noticed it wasnt logged in after a reboot. And i cant get it to login. I dont really want to delete the integration and start again but what other option do i have?

the log says my 2fa token has expired but there doesnt appear to be a way to refresh that

i should add, ive tried to turn 2fa off but i cant…

What version of core are you running?
Are you able to log in on their website?


and yes can login on the hive website and on the standalone app

OK, strange.

I no longer use the official app as my Hive is now connected via Z2M, but it should still work for you.

I remember reading something about Hive stopping their web access this summer but, again, that should effect this.

Perhaps someone else can chime in.

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if anyone is searching for a solution, i deleted the login from HA and re-added it (didnt remove the integration) and it just re-added all my component parts and put them straight back into automations etc

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