HLK-LD2410 inverted signs

Inverted signs I added the HLK-LD2410 Presence Detection over Bluetooth and using Hi-Link.

  1. the occupancy and movement signals are inverted when there is no movement the result is detected, and when there is someone in the environment the occupancy is “unoccupied”
  2. the occupancy history is not cleared at each movement, there is an event marking, therefore it is not possible to count occupancy and vacancy times for automations.

Capture 2

Any one had this problem too ?

Hello, this is Annie from Hi-Link. I consulted our technicist and get the solution about your problem as follows. For the first one, you could try to test the module separately. You can connect the LDE lamp outside the io port of the module and use the master computer to test the status display of someone or no one. At the same time, you have to observe that if the LED lamp follows the status of someone or no one to goes on or off. If the test all works well, it would have some mistakes about your applet like you set the opposite signs. For the second one, I have no idea what you mean. Could you please explain it clearly? And if possible, please tell me your specific purpose so that I can know how can I try my best to help you.

Hello, this is Annie from Hi-Link. For the second question, I think I get what you means when I look up the detailed specification of LD2410 today. When the radar output from human to unmanned results, it will continue to report a person for a period of time, if the radar test range continues to be unmanned, radar report no one; If the radar detects someone during this time period, the time is refreshed again, in seconds. It is equivalent to the unmanned delay time. After the person leaves, the state will be output as unmanned only after the duration is kept unmanned. Hope it will help you something. Please feel free to contact me if you need my help.