HLK-LD2412 sensor ESPHome support


I ordered a few HLK-LD2412 sensors as I am using the LD2410 in a ceiling mount and my initial testing was very positive.

Is there anyone working on supporting this for Homeassistant? I haven’t seen anything so I have adapted the LD2410 codebase to support the various sensors via UART and the sensor works really well according to some initial tests.

I’d be happy to help support this officially, but I haven’t really any knowledge in official development practices, so if this codebase can help anyone, I’m very happy :slight_smile:

The code is available here: GitHub - abaumhof/homeassistant_public

Please note that this only supports the sensor values. All configuration needs to be done via the HLKRadarTool app via bluetooth at this stage.

I know that screekworkshop has been posting about it… If anyone has any help optimmizing this and share tips and tricks, that’d be awesome.


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