HLK-LD2450 Initial experiments to connect to HomeAssistant

PLEASE REWORK MY CODE :slight_smile:


Thx a lot !
I’m on vacation this evening (for 3 weeks :star_struck:) but I’ll watch it one evening. If I have any comments or questions I will give them to you
thanks again

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Hi all,

unfortunately i can’t contribute much to the code but i’ve made a small snap fit enclosure for the LD2450 + ESP32 S2 Mini combo. Might fit all the other Wemos mini form factors.

LD2450 + ESP32 S2 Mini Enclosure on Thingiverse

Thanks for development so far!.

Best regards.


Nice one. I just printed it today (before I stumbled on your message).

Thanks. Fits and snaps very well !

Hi MassiPi,

How do I install your code? I tried installing it through HACS - Custom Repository but I get the message :

<Integration MassiPi/ld2450_ble> Repository structure for main is not compliant