HLK-LD2450 Initial experiments to connect to HomeAssistant

@TomW1605 @athua Thank you. It’s save my time

Thanks for the feedback athua.

I’m still quite new to this. I tried to flash screek’s firmware (Beta Firmware For 2A) using ESP Web Tools but it did not work. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Appreciate if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

If you are using generic hardware and not a SCREEK 2A unit, then you best option is to do the first time prep of your ESP32 board for ESPHome to wipe the existing firmware.
Then install the ESPHome Addon for HA if you don’t already have ESPHome installed anywhere and that will allow you to edit and compile the YAML then upload it to your ESP32 board.
Once you can get to the YAML, you can edit it and add the LD2450 components to it.
Remember the SCREEK code includes a BH1750 light sensor which you may not have.
Also ensure the correct GPIO is configured for TX and RX based on the pins you have used on your ESP32 board.

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Thanks athua I finally Got it to work thanks to your advice! Much appreciated.

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It might take a little effort to get ESPHome all setup but once done, you are on your way to customising and building your own sensors.

I started with getting some ESP32 boards for bluetooth proxies, then went on to adding a HLK-LD2410 mm radar to one and then the LD2450 to others.

Hi all,
the thread is pretty long, so i’m not sure if this problem is already been mentioned.
I have a very strange consumption/temperature spike and I’m not sure if due to this sensor or the esp32 board.

Can I ask if someone of you can add the internal temperature sensor so we can compare the results? I have something like this:

You can clearly see the temperature spikes.

I’m trying to build an all-in-one device, but these spikes are a pain because the temperature sensor cannot be compensated for this. A mediane correction is not enough because the spikes are too wide.


EDIT: I forgot to post how to add the internal temperature sensor:

  - platform: internal_temperature
    name: "Internal Temperature"
    entity_category: "diagnostic"

EDIT: forget this post. The problem is the ESP32 board, not the LD2450 so I’m off topic.

link to screek’s YAML?

I had posted links to the various YAML that is available previously in this thread which includes SCREEK:

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I keep getting detection from behind the sensor. Is there a way to make to scan the front only and cut out all the false detected from behind?

I have just ordered a few of the sensor itself and using it with a ESP32.

What is the orientation that the sensor considers up, down etc?
Basically trying to eliminate fans, exhaust fans etc and need to know the vertical angle it detects…
If anyone knows how to stop mmwave say above the horizontal angle of sensor please share.



The four antenna should be up

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Thanks for this. Now I just have to check of I can stop the sensors detecting the ceiling fans.

Ok I set it up the right way up. May I ask why it detects me on the opposite side when I move in one direction? So if I move left it show right and vice versa.

Yeah… I’m pretty sure that picture/video is outdated.
Tried to use the same pins on my c3 and it failed.

How comes there is still no official ESPHome integration for the LD2450?

There is an attempt to create an official integration for the LD2450 in ESPHome but it seems to be taking a very long time.