HM-CFG-LAN and Homematic OCCU

Hello HA Community,

I am currently using homegear with openhab and thinking about switching to ha.

Now the problem Starts at the start. I installed a clean hassio and added the official Homematic addon. I know that it is based in OCCU which Supports the Homematic LAN Gateway, but i found No Option to configure it throuh Hassio. Even If the ccu Starts and i add IT manuall via the Webinterface of the ccu, it will ne lost after an Reboot. Is there any more Option, that my settings are Not overwritten in restart. I dont want to Setup another Pi with homegear And i dont want to Install IT manually in Hassio, because then the hole Point of the Backup and snapshot Feature is destroyed, becAuse Not all is Backed Up.

Thanks die any ideas, that i can start with ha :slight_smile:

Did you know ?