Hm-cfg-lan & ha

Hi Volks,
There is now way around HOMEAER to get the HM-CFG-LAN up and runing with HA?

Bit confused after reading all here, just let me know if I am mistaking please.


The HM-CFG-LAN can not be used directly with HA because it does not expose the required XML-RPC API. And that will not change in the future.

I can’t say for sure if Homegear is the only option. I think with debmatic and raspberrymatic you can use the HM-CFG-LAN at least to extend your HM-Network. I am however unsure if it will also work the the HM-CFG-LAN is the only device used for communication.

So in any case, you will need some software-layer which will add the XML-RPC API to the device.