HM-OU-C FM-Pl - Homematic MP3 Doorbell (radio chime)

I’ve got an HM-OU-C FM-Pl that is paired with homegear and is shown up in HASSio as switch (switch1, switch2 - one for each channel).

Turning on or off the switches doesn’t tigger the door bell sound or the LED indicator. I used the component in FHEM before, and there where a lot more settings for this device I had to configure to use it.

For example you can place up to 255 MP3 files on an SD Card to trigger the files for specific events in the homematic enviroment. I guess the implementiation in HASSio is not yet finished for this device, because as a “normal” switch it won’t work.

Has anyone some experience with this device? devicemanual


According to this post the HM-OU-CFM-Pl is working. I assume that this requires prior configuration through the CCU2 though. Is it possible to configure the doorbell with the configurator software? Configuring in Home Assistant won’t be implemented since that is too specific to HomeMatic.

If that doesn’t work you may be able to do some manual configuration using the set_dev_value service. But I didn’t find any documentation on how to do the configuration via the XML-RPC API, so that might not lead to success.

That being said, we can’t support more functions of the doorbell than we do now since Home Assistant is limited to what we can do via XML-RPC. Fhem does it differently, so that’s why they allow more options to configuring devices.

Triggering playback of a sound works differently altogether by using the SUBMIT parameter. For that you would also need to use the set_dev_value service mentioned above. More details on that can be found here: