HMIP-eTRV-2 vavle opening level

Good day all,
I searched Google and the forum for this but unfortunately could not end up with a working solution.

I would like to display the valve opening percentage of my HMIP valves in HomeAssistant.

I can see the values in the Raspberry Matic interface as “valve opening” and as far as I understand the appropriate variable in Homematic is called LEVEL.

I tried to get this number as a system variable with this script which I found on the forum:

var target = dom.GetObject("livingroom_valve");
var source = dom.GetObject("HmIP-RF.MY_SERIAL_NUMBER:3.LEVEL").Value() * 100;

but this did not do anything.

Is this the right way? How would I know on which channel this is transmitted?

Would be very grateful for your help.

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The information is an attribute of the climate sensor of the HMIP-eTRV. You can add a template sensor display this in the dashboard like:

  - sensor:
      - name: "TRV or group valve opening"
        state: '{{state_attr("climate.int0000014","level") | float * 100}}'
        state_class: measurement
        unit_of_measurement: "%"
        unique_id: uniquename

Also see: Reading attributes of entities in the homematic integration documentation.

For a TRV I am using, these are the attributes if I look them up at: http://homeassistant.loca:8123/developer-tools/state

Hi Johan,
thanks for the reply but unfortunately this seems to be slightly different for different types of valves.
For the MmIP-eTRV-2 the information that is available by standard is:

And as you can see the LEVEL is not part of the list.

Hence my attempt with the system variable.



Hmm, that’s strange. I am only familiar with the HmIP-eTRV-C-2. Is the TRV part of a group in Raspberrymatic WebUI? My groups are available in Home Assistant too. For this a group config is added as well under the Homeassistant config in configuration.yaml, via port: 9292. My groups have a seperate climate entity, with level being part of it.

As an alternative, there is Redmatic (Node Red) available for Raspberrymatic. I have recently succesfully tested out this addon for MQTT communication. LEVEL was also available for my TRVs in the Node Red UI. Valve level is maybe available via mqtt for your TRVs

Which integration are you using in Home Assistant for communication with Rasberrymatic?

Yes, some of them are parts of groups with wall thermostats but that does not change the displayed and available values significantly. Especially, there is no LEVEL there either.
Everything else works the way it should and the interaction between HA and HmIP is perfect.

I have RaspberryMatic installed alongside Daniel’s amazing Homematic)IP) local.

Is that integration the same as the one that’s natively in HA? This one: Homematic - Home Assistant ?

LEVEL is already available as (deactivated) sensor with the Homematic(IP) local integration.

thanks. What does the (deactivated) mean and how can I activate it?

In the meantime I managed to get a system variable with the following script:

var ipvalve = (datapoints.Get("HmIP-RF.000A1D89A65307:1.LEVEL")).Value();
var ipvalve1 = ipvalve*100;
var ipvalve2 = ipvalve1.ToInteger();

But by the sound of it that is not necessary?

It’s all described in the docs. I recommend to read it.

Good that the making of a System Variable succeeded.

Apparently I am using a different Homematic integration than you are. I read about the new one, but haven’t tried it yet.

Hi Johan,
yes it did but as Sukram mentioned, it is not even necessary anymore.
Many more properties are available now but are all deactivated and bit of a pain in the ass to find and activate but it works, which is great.

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