Ho to send popup message to WallPanel?

There is a way to send alert message to WallPanel in documents like this:

{"eval": "alert('Hello World!');"}

How can I send an alert message to WallPanel?


i think you are in the wrong section asking this question.

do you want to create a widget or a dashboard that can do this?

Sorry for posting in the wrong place. My goal is send a message to dashboard (which is running on my android tablet, wallpanel app.) by triggering any automation or script.

the easiest way is to create an input text in HA.
set the value from the input_text in the automation or script and on the dashboard create a sensor widget showing the input_text.

oh thanks. :slight_smile: My expectation was to show the message in a popup window. I think dashboard cant do that?

only when you are going to program in javascript and make a custom skin.
or when you make a custom widget for it.
by default such option isnt there.

it might very well be possible with wallpanel, but then you better ask the question in the wallpanel topic.

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You can certainly change the dashboard to another page through a script/automation, i.e.

  alias: HADash Door alert
    - event: hadashboard
        command: navigate
        timeout: 6
        target: DoorOpen
        sticky: 0

I’ve then worked on a custom skin myself that plays a chime when the door opens from the panel, which in essence plays a sound on the load of the DoorOpen dashboard.

This sort of approach might be more simple than a popup?

See here:

that is indeed also an option.

you could see that as a fullscreen popup.
disadvantage could be that it goes to all dashboards.

I’m curious if you found a solution. I was thinking of having a different set of images (with your message) and have that displayed on the dashboard.