Ho to use Z-Wave JS from one ras in docker on nas

I will finally take the steps and migrate my z-wave to JS. I am running my z-wave on as raspberry 3 and my main HA on a synology nas in docker. I do this to separate the two and then I can reboot the NAS as much as I want. My idea is just to use the official add on Z-Wave JS on my raspberry and then add the integration on nas. But when setting in the ip of my raspberry it cannot connect. I can see in the log of A-Wave JS that it works fine.
Screenshot 2022-04-07 13.30.08

Can anyone help me? I just want to keep a simple setup, thus just using the addon on my raspberry.

If I understand you correctly, you are running Z-WaveJS on the Raspberry Pi? What are you using on the Raspberry to run this? Docker, another Home Assistant OS, or? Make sure you enable/expose port 3000.

Also, it seems the IP address in your screenshot contains a typo, the last bit of an IP address cannot exceed 255 (and yours shows 1232) :slight_smile:

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Hi @RickKramer
Yes there was a typo and I now also got it to run. I only use zwavejs2mqtt on my Ras with Home assistant and the it works on nas. Thank you.

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