Hold Action for Tile card

The new Tile card is awesome. It currently has only 2 action types - tap and icon tap. It’d be great if a hold Action for both can also be added!


I would like also to have double-tap action as well.


Yep, the Tile card is looking good, but it would be good to show the “More Info” panel (or another action) by holding the card. Assigning this different action to the icon makes it too easy for users to accidentally trigger the wrong action on phones where the tile is pretty small.

I’ve set my icon action to ping zwave devices, but I can’t do that for bulbs because I need ‘more info’ to reach the color temp slider and color picker. Retaining a hold action would be great!

Yes please!

PR waiting for review Added hold and double tap actions for tile card by dsypniewski · Pull Request #18345 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

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double tap, just as in mushroom cards would be great as well

Both hold and double tap actions have been released in 2023.12 :tada: but are not available to configure through the UI so to use them you need to manually update the yaml.


This is a great addition, thank you!

Would it be possible to also introduce hold_icon_action?

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Seems like it’s already planned, as the card already has a really nice animation for when you hold the icon! It just activates the icon tap action for now.

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