Holman WiFi or Bluetooth Garden Lights intergration?

Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any luck with getting Holman WiFi or Bluetooth garden light controllers to work with HA?

I’ve got all my garden lights running off the bluetooth hub (Warm White Bluetooth® Garden Light Controller - Holman Industries) and before switching over to a Wifi one I wanted to know if I would actually be able to connect it to HA in some way.

It looks like there has been some success with Tuya/LocalTuya for Holman tap timers, but I can’t see anyone trying the lights. I’ve got the LocalTuya integration running for all of my plugs so I’m aware of how to utilise the Tuya app for “non-Tuya” products but I haven’t had success discovering the Bluetooth hub via the Tuya app. What I’m really trying to work out is whether that’s simply a limitation of the bluetooth model, or whether the Wifi model wouldn’t connect either (leaving me high and dry if I fork out the cash).


Save yourself some cash and fit this unit in line with your bluetooth unit:

you can then use HA to integrate to the wifi
set the bluetooth unit to be on all the time and control using the wifi hub.
the connectors should fit your existing wiring

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Just went out and got one - works like a charm.

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Looking at something like this, how exactly does the Brilliant WiFi talk to HA? Is there an Integration for it (I dont see anything under ‘Brilliant’)? Is it Tuya?

I can confirm that the " Holman Warm White Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller" works a treat with HA.

It is Tuya, so use the Tuya integration. Like all other Tuya devices, instead of using what App Holman want you to use, use the Tuya App (I use Smart Life) to connect to the Controller, and from there you will see it in the Tuya intergration.

I have also tested in LocalTuya, and it works fine there as well.

I have automated with a few zigbee battery operated switches. So it is easy to leave them at both ends of a walkway between the house and the shed and operate from both ends. Works perfectly.

The Brilliant items work via Tuya

Hi There, just got some of these: https://brilliantlighting.com.au/product/smart-wifi-rgb-garden-light-kit-6-pack-742f89 which includes the same smart wifi garden controller.

You mentioned LocalTuya, do you know which options to set to allow you to change the colour as at the moment I can only switch them on or off.

EDIT: I was using localtuya, changed to tuya-local and it works a treat!


Saw you post and bought a the controller. What integration did you use to connect to HA?


tuya worked for me