Home Alarm and sending signals to Security response company (South Africa)


I am new to Home automation.

I have setup some Sonoff switches and automated some lights both inside and outside my home

I have setup Hassio on a PI and I am still learning here, trying to connect it to Google Home, Chromecast and Kodi etc

I need some guidance for home security

I have a Home Alarm system that has a central control unit, wired to various sensors around the property, it is connected to a siren, remotes and sends a signal to our security company when an Alarm is triggered. I am told it uses a Antenna to do this, so I do not think it is SMS, just RF.

I have been looking at the Sonoff RF Bridge as a potential replacement, but I dont see a clear way to connect this to a Siren and a way to send signals to the security company.

Has anyone done this level of automation? can you point me in the right direction to review some projects or gear thats out there that can help me tie this all into Home assistant in the end.

Is it possible?

You have two options.

  1. Replace the alarm system with HA including new sensors, sirens and - much more difficult - a way to contact the remote monitoring centre.

  2. Interface to the existing alarm system with HA so you can monitor it’s state (and notify you of alarms) and possibly enable/disable it, but allow it to sense and control the sirens and remote monitoring.

Option 2 would be a lot easier. What is the make and model of your existing alarm system?

I will do some checking this weekend and post what I find


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Hi …you guys considered the Konnected Alarm panel. www.mccomms.co.za
We haven’t quiet got the gsm to monitoring companies sorted. But all suggestions welcome.

Hi NoobAutomation, did you come right? I have a DSC security system that I wanted to integrate, so I bought the IT100 addon card for it and wrote a drive in C# using the API available in https://cms.dsc.com/download2.php?t=1&id=16196

I now get all my motion sensors on HA via MQTT and I can arm, disarm or trigger my alarm.

I’m in Kyalami, South Africa.

Hello guys - I am working on a solution that will allow you to replace your armed response company with an add-on which will be free initially but might have a small subscription fee eventually. You’ll be able to trigger a response and get a response vehicle to your house in under 3 min. Let me know if you’re interested in helping me build this - it will be backed by a security tech company.